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Q: What does the stock status mean for covers if they are printed on order?

The fact that the cover is "in stock" really means nothing more than the print can be ordered. Unfortunately, individual print products cannot be named in the webshop system other than "in stock, can be ordered", and "out of stock, can not be ordered".

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: From SEK 69. All products have size and weight specified and the freight is calculated on weight and size. Fees on bulky packeges may apply. All our packages are traceable, unless it's posted as a letter.

Q: Why are Nesbox, Snesbox, Ultrabox and Agesbox gamecases more expensive?

A: The more expensive price is because the cases cost a lot to manufacture, also shipping and VAT adds to the final pricing.

Q: How good are the UGC gamecases really?

S: Very! They take several game formats, quite compact, however, that does not include SNES / N64 instruction. These have finally been updated with clear film over and softer plastic material.

Q: How long does the order take?

A: From 5-10 days depending on stock status. You can see the stock status under each individual product here on this page. Sometimes it may take longer if you choose to change your order or additional order. Stock status means everything that is in stock at home, except for printed covers. Generally, all covers are printed on a 7-14 day basis. Read more in our terms of purchase.

We manufacture covers to order. Production is between 10-14 days. For larger workloads, the time can be 15-30 days. Custom made covers are made subject to time and extra cost. Contact us before if you want a cover that is not available on the website.

Q: How can I pay?

A: With bankcards, bank transfer, card payment and invoice via Payson and Swish.

Q: Do you have all inserts ever made?

A: No far from it, but we are working to get as many as we can. Right now over 500!

Q: What formats do you do?

S: As many as we can and have time for. NES, SNES, Megadrive, Master System, Jaguar, Dreamcast, Playstation and others. We have our own PAL design for SNES and Nintendo64 as it is often in demand and is very popular.

Q: Can you make a specific cover?

A: Yes, IF there is good material to use or if your wish is not too time consuming to produce.

Q: Where can I find your terms of purchase?

A: These you will find here.

Q: How big are your posters?

A: These are A3, 30 x 40 cm large.

Q: My gamecase/boxprotector/decal/poster/sparepart is broken/defective! What do I do?

A: Contact us please.

Q: I want to know more about the products, how do I do?

A: You haven't missed "product info" under each product? Please check there for more useful information.

Q: I run a store and want to buy larger orders?

A: Contact us for quotation.

Q: Do you offer loose covers?

S: Yes we do.

Q: Do you offer empty gamecases?

S: Yes we do.

Q: Will you offer ready-made UGC game boxes for NES?

A: Maybe later on when we calculated a reasonable compensation for the modification.

Q: How do i know im buying a good boxprotector?

A: There are several different manufacturers, with varied designs. The thickness, enclosure and locking are usually characterized in a good boxprotector.

Q: Will you start making your own boxprotectors at some time?

S: Yes, this will happen this year (2020).

Q: Are the protective boxes you sell brand new?

A: Yes, brand new, and unused.

Q: From what point are your general shipping times calculated?

A: It depends on what you order. Generally, it applies from when your order status changes to "sent".