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Who, me?

My name is Sebastian, and although I don't call myself this, I am a game collector today. Or game ... eh ... player?

I started playing in 1986 when my parents got together and bought me a Nintendo 8-bit with Ice Climber! Before that, I was lucky enough to play Ataris Moon Patrol at an arcade abroad the year before and, as a curious 6-year-old, I thought it was really cool. But you could say that I thought the NES was little bit cooler, but the Atari games were easier to get into, I thought.

However, I was a bit Nintendo geek so Sega flew a bit under the radar. Which I got schoold by a good friend who had an impressive SMS collection (over 20 games!!) that we sat and played. A few years later I came across my own Sega Master System.

However, it was with Super Nintendo when my gaming interest really took off. The reason I didn't get stung by the 8-bit craze (though much later) was that I was very active as a child and often played outside where bikes and skateboards (a HeatZone actually) kept my interest.

A friend who played import games showed me games like Super Castlevania 4, Contra 3 and the amazing Street Fighter 2. Let's say I was moved something incredible, and it cemented my gaming interest.

My own Super Super Nintendo bought mum for me in 1993 and it came with Super Mario World, R-type and F-zero. It was purchased at Stor & Liten at Backaplan in Gothenburg. But that was just because we didn't find an Amiga 500...

To be continued!

Boxprotectors and gamecases!

I saw boxprotectors for the first time at RSM 2011 (if I remember correctly). There were a few SNES games that I saw protected and loved the idea of ​​being able to protect (and at the same time display) my games in my shelf. When the fair came back in 2012, my goal was to buy boxprotectors for all my boxed games.

To my surprise, there was'nt anyone who knew where to buy them, and many other sellers didnt not even know that boxprotectors were a thing. Guess if I was disappointed. Well, I thought - maybe i'll find them next fair.

In waiting for the next fair I greeted a friend where we were playing some arcade (Neo-geo AES) and casually talking about games. I went through his gameshelf and noticed a new plastic case, similar to VHS but with a new nice cover. The game was Secret Of Mana and it looke amazing. This was a perfect thing for my loose games. And how incredible it would look on my shelf. He told me he found the box on eBay.

As soon as I got home I contacted the seller in question and it led me to an American site with BOTH gamecases and boxprotectors! I was completely blown away, here I had found a seller with what I was looking for and more. But the downside was precisely this, it was eBay,  with added shipping and import costs. After some talks with the seller I got to thinking that this, this I can sell here in Sweden!

I thought there must be many more people like me, that want to both protect and box their loose games. This gave me the idea to sell online.

Since a couple of years, Retrospelboxar have been offering quality boxprotectors and every year the assortmant is growing. But the most fun thing is to design stylish gamecovers and make other game collectors happy so that they can show off their collection nicely on their shelfs.

Mvh Sebastian