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UGC Gamecase

UGC® - Universal Game Case


Last time this product was bought: 02/05/2023

Custom-made game box that fits several different formats. Perfect for those who need to complete your loose gaming cartridges. The material in the box is made of durable PVC, and it protects your original game should you accidentally drop it.

The following formats fit:
• Super Nintendo (EU/US)
• Super Famicom (JP)
• Famicom (slightly loose)
• Sega Master System
• Sega Mega Drive (EU/US/JP)
• Nintendo64
• Atari Jaguar (slightly loose)
• Single CD/DVD/BL disc

Note that only standard cartridges apply. Cartridges that do not fit are Nintendo NES and SEGA's JCart, EA, Virtua Racing and Sonic & Knuckles. Also not 32X.