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1. Navigate:

We have tried to make the page as simple as possible. Therefore, the page is divided into categories, departments and sections. The first categories you see when you land on the page are "boxprotectors", "printed items" and "accessories" in the menu on the left. You also have the menu above that represents the same content. Under each category are all products offered, including those in departments and sections. Everything clean and smooth for you to easily find what you want.

A category is "Boxprotectors", a department is "Sega Sector" and a section is "Playstation 4".

2. Boxprotectors:

Here you will find all our boxprotectors. So if you need a boxprotector for your Super Nintendo game, you simply go to the category Boxprotectors: enter the Nintendo Terrain department: and choose the Super Nintendo section, and select the boxprotector of your choice.

Example: Select the Boxprotectors category, then select Nintendo Terrain, and then select Super Nintendo.

3. Printed matter:

Here is all the printed stuff. So if you need a cover for your Sega Mega Drive game, you simply go to the category Printed matter: enter the Sega Sector department and the Sega Mega Drive section, and choose the cover of your choice. Under "printed matter" you will find covers, posters and decals on the same page as the game you are looking for.

Example: On the page of your chosen title, you can choose covers, posters and decals in the same menu.

If the item you want is missing, it means that it does not exist but may be manufactured. Make your inquiry by email or phone. You will find an order/manufacture request for everything offered in each department.

4. Accessories:

The departments found here is everything we categorized as accessories. This means everything from acrylic boxes, gamecases, protective sleeves to acrylic stands, tools, spare parts and other accessories. If you need a gamecase for a certain game, simply go to the "Accessories" category, choose "Gamecases", and select the gamecase that is suitable for your gaming plattform.

Example: Choose the category "Accessories", then select "Gamecases", and then select the gamecase that suits your plattform.

5. Register:

In order to shop with us you need to register an account. You do this by either clicking "Log in" or any of the links at the bottom of the page under "Customer Zone". On the page after where (the login) you can choose to create an account. Just follow the instructions and you have an account within 5 minutes. You can also register when you go through checkout.